Eggs, Chicks and Chickens

Posted by Helen Moore On July - 29 - 2010

social marketing should be done by experienced people not young chicksIf there is one thing that gets our goat (as this blog has a farmyard feel about it) it’s companies who get a work experience student (or interns as we now call them, which sounds a lot more important) or a temp or a VA to ‘do a bit of twittering’.

Those folks over at feel just the same, and you can read their take on it here

We would like to nick the Chinese proverb that they quoted  “It takes years to take an egg and grow a chicken and an instant to make chicken dung.”

Why would you trust a wholly inexperienced person to write things about your brand? Brands are valuable commodities and companies spend years and usually an awful lot of money nurturing them and making sure that the brand is working for them because, hey, brands are big business. So we continue to be stunned that so many organisations still do not understand the significance of social media – neither the huge amount of positive things that it can do for them if used properly in an integrated campaign nor the terrible and costly damage that can be wreaked in inexperienced hands.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say again, social media must be treated in the same way as traditional media i.e. handled in-house by skilled marketing people and senior executives and/or outsourced to a specialist agency.

Just because a bright young thing has loads of mates on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that they are the best person to be your business’s ‘social face’ – after all, what do they know about corporate messaging and brand management, let alone crisis management when the s**t hits the fan?

Social media is not a standalone exercise – to be used to its greatest effect it must be integrated with the existing traditional sales, marketing and PR activities, not to mention HR and customer services, all things that your even your brightest intern will have little knowledge of, let alone expertise.

We have to confess that none of us are exactly spring chickens here at TMMC towers, but all of us have more than 20 years experience in not only Comms, Marketing, PR, Media etc, in all their various guises, but also Business and the Corporate world, not to be mention having been at the cutting edge of the 2.0 version ever since it hatched (sorry). Which means we really do know what we’re clucking on about (sorry sorry).

So if you are serious about taking advantage of the undoubted benefits that social media can offer as an integrated part of your marketing and PR strategy, drop us an email on or give us a ring on 0845 862 0017.


5 Responses to “Eggs, Chicks and Chickens”

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  2. I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!!!!!! 🙂 I really hurt people’s feelings when I blog about this very topic, but it’s true. You don’t let an inexperienced person pitch a new client. You don’t let an inexperienced person present to the board of directors. You don’t let an inexperienced person talk to the media. So WHY would you let them be your public face on the web? Because they grew up using the tools? I’m telling you – I run a digital marketing firm. We have lots of interns and freshly graduated staff. They are great at using the tools for personal use, but they have ZERO idea how to translate that to business growth, to branding, and to marketing. Let them get you set up. Let them teach you how to use the tools. But you have to teach them how to use the tools to reach your business goals. And I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  3. Helen Moore says:

    I like it when you are on your soapbox Gina! It is simply madness that companies are trusting their precious reputation and brand to young things (however bright they may be) My son can ride a bike but he wouldn’t be able to do the Tour de France – equally, an intern who has been messing about with their friends on Facebook is not equipped in any way to push out a carefully considered message through all the social media channels.

    However, I think that we won’t be talking about this so much in a year or two – the evidence is becoming overwhelming, even for the hard-to-convince B2Bs, that social media has been become an important and permanent part of the marketing landscape.

  4. John says:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

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