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Posted by Susanne On February - 17 - 2012

Barclays launch Pingit app for mobilesThis week saw the launch (that wasn’t really a launch) of a new Apple Operating system – the Mountain Lion.  Rather than the usual high-profile event and press conference, it was shown to a small group of media in private meetings – maybe they are saving the razzmatazz for the iPad 3 launch in a few weeks?  Incorporating more than 100 new features, it looks to be bad news for users of older Mac models who won’t be able to use it and it aligns Apple with Twitter (more than Facebook) - which is interesting… You can read all about the main new features here.

We don’t get to mention MySpace much of late (well not in a positive way anyway), but this week they have announced a million new users. Firmly established as a music site now, rather than a social networking site, it seems to be finally having a bit of a resurgence, even though it does actually attribute its erstwhile rival Facebook with its change of  fortune.

Facebook themselves will be getting a boost courtesy of Orange, who have figured how users of their network in Africa can access the social network by using basic 2G phones, which is a great win-win story.  Facebook has also been busy announcing a new batch of media apps which just goes to show how the media and PR is inherently entrenched with the internet and social media now. Here’s a great brief explanation of how it worksand if you work for an agency which is struggling to break into the digital world, you could always White Label it!

Privacy and security issues continue to dominate tech news, although this time it’s Twitter and Apple who are in the firing line.  Twitter has been forced to change its privacy settings after reports of whole address books being ‘shared’ with their servers and Apple apps have also been found to overstep the mark.  This is all crucial stuff to businesses, marketers, their clients and the users, and with the announcement this week that Barclays is launching an app to allow account holders to transfer money to one another, the whole issue is becoming deadly serious.   This is a significant landmark in the development of digital and mobile and other major players are set to jump into the market soon with similar apps.  More to come for sure on this story.  Meanwhile Google, who have already weathered the worst of their privacy storm (for now), have been showing off their fluffy side by releasing gorgeous shots of their Californian offices.  It’s a bit of a contrast to the conditions that Asian workers get though…

And in other news, Twitter, are beginning to roll out some self-serve advertising options ; ‘typo squatting’ websites Wikapedia and Twtter which were deemed to be deliberately misleading have been shut down and slapped with a large fine ; Mark Zuckerberg has opened a Pinterest account (allegedly) – no one seems to know for sure but it’s been giving even more profile to this fabulous platform and Nicholas Sarkozy has marked his Presidential campaign with a new Twitter account although he doesn’t seem to have got to grips with it yet…

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you next week.



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