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Claire Burdett is a social media wizard. She knows how to make circles of goodness to connect to interesting people, groups and conversations. Without her SCAD would not have got started and now we are flying!

Katie Allen, International Project Manager /
Social Change and Development (SCAD)

Social Media Marketing

The Media Marketing Co was established in early 2009 as a dedicated social media marketing and digital marketing virtual agency. And yes, that is a long time ago in the world of social media. In fact, we believe we were one of the very first in the UK. We are also unique in that all three founders initially met on social media.

Visibility Marketing

Visibility is key to people finding you and then deciding to buy from you rather than someone else. As a team of experienced specialists, we are dedicated to the art and science of making digital media, content, SEO and social media marketing work together so your brand becomes more visible. It's a crowded space out there now and set to become more so. We can help you cut through the noise.

Content Marketing

We can set up an editorial calendar that feeds your SEO, and help you craft content that your clients want to read and Google wants to reference. There is now so much content produced that it doesn’t matter if you are producing beautifully written, well-crafted articles and blogs, without a joined-up strategy to optimise your SEO, social media, content and influencer marketing your brand is still very unlikely to be found online. And if you can’t be found, then most people you want what you are selling will buy from someone else.

Strategy & Planning

Being able to see the overall picture and create a robust and detailed strategy that is easy to implement, complete with training if required, is something we do on a regular basis.

We can implement the strategy for you, including growth hacking your social media profiles and increasing engagement and referrals.

We are expert in measuring what is happening and analysing why, so you can do more of what works and stop doing what doesn't. We produce in-depth and incredibly clear and useful guides as standard, giving you insights and a clear working guide to fine tune and focus your marketing to increase your visibility and, ultimately, your sales.

Digital Marketing

We always feel very sad when we come across a 'brochure' website hanging somewhere in cyberspace all lost and lonely, and unfortunately it happens a lot because while websites are at the core of most businesses, most don't work properly.

It doesn't matter how pretty a website is, if it has no interesting and relevant content, no vibrant and connected social media, no marketing funnel set up and it can't be found then it isn't doing its job - and no business deserves that.

So we’re very proud that we are especially good at making sure that the website we build for you is not just beautiful, informative and easy to use, but can be found easily, is supported by a social media circle of goodness and works as a marketing machine for your business.

Analytics and data

We can analyse your website's performance, alongside your SEO and social marketing (we call it Roadmapping) so you know exactly what is working and what is not, and how to fix it - which we can do too if you want us to.

We’re a dab hand at analytics, if we do say so ourselves, and our clients find our comprehensive and easy to understand analytics reports invaluable. They tell us that the reporting helps them shine a spotlight on exactly what is happening behind the scenes and enables them to assess whether it is working or not, and why, which then informs their strategy.

Social business

We also recognise that social media is so much more than a sales and marketing tool. Social media is also very effective for recruitment and research, as well as building or maintaining brand reputation.

Hence we often work with HR to set up social media policies and get smart about social recruitment and, just in case a crisis blows up that might threaten your brand, we can also monitor what is said about your company online and by whom, and set up a robust social media crisis plan to deal with any problems effectively.

After all, you can never be too prepared when it's your brand's reputation at stake.

Ultimately our skill is making all of that work together to create social traction to get your brand to the top of the rankings on Search and become VISIBLE.

Get in touch

If that sounds like what you are looking for, then please get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you. We like to make things happen and love to celebrate our clients' successes; after all, it's the reason we exist.




Claire at The Media Marketing Co really knows her stuff and she and the team were instrumental in the social media aspect of our new brand launch, both strategically and tactically.

On the days leading up to the brand launch and on the day of the launch itself we had lots of positive social media activity thanks to Claire’s dedication, insight and advice.

Debbie Birch Marketing Officer  Blind Veterans UK

Cision UK worked with The Media Marketing Co, and in particular Claire, from 2009 through 2010 on a project that can broadly be described as a strategic rationalization and extension of existing social media activities.

This included the establishment of a UK blog to act as a hub for all social media activity, and the audit and coordinate the existing activity of Cision staff, in the UK and globally, on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, ensuring that:

• Regional issues were dealt with on a regional basis
• Recurrent issues were handled according to a template script
• Promotion of Cision content could be assigned to the most appropriate channels
• Marketing activity was fully integrated across social and traditional channels
• All social media activity was trackable and measurable against concrete business objectives

Paul Miller Head of Digital  Cision UK

We started working with TMMC, and in particular Claire, when we were looking for training with our web background work particularly with SEO and social media strategy.

To say this part of the overall exercise for us was successful would be an understatement as we were able to shift through the gears in just a few days and get ahead of target in all the rankings we were looking at in that time. We used a combination of one-to-one bespoke sessions and follow up webinars.

The lasting legacy of good training is still evident with the fact that we can still continue with what Claire taught us because we’ve managed to remember what it was she said!

As an aside, or so we thought, to this training, Claire was also able to help us focus on our International Strategy and make the sum of our worldwide network much more than we seemed able to do on our own.

Carl Cox Director Great Value Banners

I just wanted to thank you SO much for your time in training me in social media marketing this morning. I feel completely enthused and excited about EVERYTHING we discussed!

Thank you, you were very kind and it was HUGELY appreciated.

Arabella Christian Love Your Classics

Thank you so much for yesterday – I really enjoyed our session and it was great to meet you. Lots of new information to process, but I’m sure having some in depth SEO knowhow will help us with the re-launch of our company website and future projects.