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Blogger Outreach Checklist

Although in recent years, Instagram has stolen the limelight in the influencer stakes, having a good blogger producing a well written, engaging review is still worth it’s weight in gold. Especially if your service or product isn’t visually appealing. 

Blogger Outreach Checklist

Consequently blogger outreach has maintained its place in the marketing toolbox, although we think it’s become a bit overlooked. Which is a shame given how valuable it can be. 

However, finding one (or more than one) who aligns with your brand and helps you achieve your goals is crucial – yet can be a minefield. Where to start? How do you find your ideal blogger? What are your obligations? What are their responsibilities? How do you define the goals?

In addition, they have to be a good fit for you and the brand – this is a relationship, not a hire, and it needs to be handled with respect.

Having said that the rewards can be huge – enhanced reputation for your brand, great reviews, boosted social media reach and SEO visibility and – if things really go well – a place at the heart of your community for your brand. So it’s definitely worth doing. It just has to be done properly!

Our checklist walks you through the process so you have the best chance of finding bloggers who would be a good fit for your brand, achieving your goals and being successful.

About the Author
Claire Burdett is our MD, co-founder and chief consultant. She is “a wizard with social media and SEO” (client’s words), and has over 10 years experience of getting website’s visible online.

She is a published author as well as a marketer, and has written 10 books, including “WTF can social media do for your business?” in 2009, and “Social Goodness: The New Way to do Business” in 2021.  She has also written thousands of articles, many of which are on how to get your brand visible and your website to the front page of Google – check out our blog.