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This was an intense integrated social media and SEO project to get Social Change and Development (SCAD) visible online from a standing start.

Launched 30 years ago, SCAD has had a huge amount of success helping turn around and revitalise whole communities from the bottom up in its native Tamil Nadu in Southern India.


In the process it has enabled tens of thousands of children to become educated, ‘greened the landscape’ and transformed the lives of over a million people. Yet it was totally invisible online, and not even searching for it specifically on any of the search engines would return it’s old website – you had to actually enter the url to find it.

In addition, they had no social presence and a very low digital footprint, largely consisting of a video of their founder, Dr Cletus Babu and a couple of references to his wife and co-founder, Amalie Babu.

We started work in May as the website was being reviewed and recreated, and as they didn’t want us to use the content on the old website to link to, we had to create a digital footprint and presence literally out of thin air.


By the beginning of August, which was just over three months, we had created an integrated digital presence and started to gather fans and engage across the platforms. The website still wasn’t ready so just by using social media marketing alone we got them to the top of Google search for a large number of really generic search terms, such as ‘gypsies in India’, ‘education for girls in India’ and ‘social change in India’.

It just goes to show the power of social media marketing if used correctly, even from a standing start and without the benefit of thousands of followers.

As Katie Allen, SCAD’s International Development Officer said:

“Claire Burdett is a social media wizard. She knows how to make circles of goodness to connect to interesting people, groups and conversations. Without her SCAD would not have got started and now we are flying! “