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Digital PR

Digital PR is an essential part of getting your businesses message out to a wider audience. It is also one of the most important elements in building a brand presence. Consequently it has been an essential part of what we do since we started in 2008. One of our founders, Helen Moore, is a PR expert with years of experience.

However, PR is always more effective when it is integrated as part of your media strategy and social media marketing. This helps amplify the good messaging and so improve brand reputation, as well as increase traffic and - with the proper sales funnel conversions in place - ultimately boost sales.

Integrating PR in to our client's online campaigns is one of the main things we do as the bread and butter part of any social campaign. Incorporating digital PR coverage and working it in to the digital media and social media marketing output amplifies the message and increases the reach of the PR coverage. This ensures every scrap of coverage is amplified and repositioned so that it does the most good for your brand.

Our digital PR team is still headed up by Helen, and we have a variety of other PR specialists with whom we work regularly, depending on what our clients require. We are also very happy to work with your PR agency, if you have one, as well as inhouse teams.

We just like making things happen. Our mantra?  “Nothing wasted.”