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1:2:1 training

We offer tailored digital marketing, SEO, social business and social media training in a variety of different ways to suit you, your business and your team.


1. Online using Skype and Go to Meeting for a 40 minute session
On these we would typically address one key issue or problem, so for example you might want to ask Claire specifically about Facebook Advertising and how to promote your new product effectively.


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2. Face-to-Face Masterclasses
Typically these last half a day or a full day and are tailored to your business’s precise requirements. So for example, you may be looking for training in how to promote an event with hashtag influencers on Twitter and Instagram, plus working out how to measure that and actually track who is signing up and sharing.

Or you might be looking for an Masterclass in SEO to increase Google ranking; How to growth hack your social networks and use them to drive email signups and conversions; in-depth knowledge about using one particular network, or how to integrate them together to Create Social Media Traction.

We can tailor Masterclasses to your exact requirements, and can even bring it in house to you, thus maximising the time we have and minimising disruption.

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