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Keyword Research

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Why do you need keyword research? Because it is the essential foundation stone for all online activities, identifying what people are actually looking for. Once you know this you can create content that answers their questions and aligns with what they are searching for.

However, there is a huge amount of content on the internet, with millions of pieces of content found for certain keywords. Therefore, it is crucial that you know what keywords haven’t got so much content competition but that are terms people are looking for. We call this the sweetspot. We will find the sweetspot keywords in your niches so you can make sure your content is optimised for the terms most likely to get you found. This will also help start you on the journey to getting your website ranking on the front page of Google.


In this audit we will:

• Research up to 10 main niches for you

• Identify the top 100 keyword search terms in each niche.

• Identify the sweetspots in each niche.