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Listening & Monitoring

Monitoring what is being said about your brand, your staff or leaders, or even just knowing what are the main points of discussion amongst your competitors or within your industry niche is very important. It is an integral part of building brand reputation, and an important element in stopping any potential social media crisis erupting.

Social listening is an important factor in any sophisticated social media marketing or integrated campaign. It can also help inform growth hacking, and is integral to the social salesrecruitment and customer care processes.

If social listening and online monitoring is something you are looking for as part of your brand management, we offer a comprehensive service based on your requirements. This can be from focusing on UK social media only, right through to monitoring International multi-language platforms.

We will also filter it for you so you don’t get bombarded, and only share what is pertinent to your brand.

Is that something you are looking for? Please have a look at our Brand Monitoring Package, if you need further advice please don't hesitate to contact us.