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Roadmapping Audits

Roadmapping audits give you the key to knowing how to make things happen. They do this by enhancing your understanding about what works and what doesn't. Beyond this a full roadmapping audit from an expert consult explains why things happen. This includes social media marketing and social commerce, search marketing and SEO. Even more useful is a full 360° audit and assessment of a brand's online reputation, or it's visibility online, or the full digital sales cycle.

However, most brands don't measure their marketing activities comprehensively or line them up with the rest of the business and see how everything connects together to make the whole. At best they tend to measure the individual channel and/or scrutinise Google analytics.

In response to how many of our clients needed to "just know how everything is doing", we now offer a bespoke ‘roadmapping audit service’ for your brand. This can checks how you are performing online on each platform where you have a presence, as well as your website and SEO, and your brand's online reputation.

We can look at where you traffic comes from and how each visitor behaves on your site. We look at the social media stats and the audience, and then pinpoint what you are doing right, what needs some attention, and how to fix what is wrong.

You can walk away with that information and apply it yourself, or we can fix it for you - whatever suits your needs. Either way you will no longer be in the dark.

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