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Social Media Audit

 Presence speaks volumes, what's yours' saying about your brand?


Knowing if you're hitting the right milestones and putting your energy into the right social media can be frustrating when trying to grow your presence on one platform let alone all of them. You may feel like you're not doing enough or doing too much with little results. We can help breakdown how your social media is helping your business and put you on the right path to keep it growing your business.

If you already use social media for your business heavily and don't know what is working and what isn't, then a social media audit is essential. It will allow you to see exactly how this content can translate to tangible results. Namely promoting a cohesive brand image, curating a positive following and creating a relationship all of which will drive traffic to your website and landing pages for products / promotions.

In this audit we will:

• Firstly we have a consultation with you and establish what you want your social media to do for your brand.

• Deep dive into your social sphere - looking at your social media accounts, your connections, the influencers within your niche, your reach and influence, and performance.

• Then analyse your social media profiles performance:

This covers the fan base, what their engagement is with your content and how this translates to click throughs.

As well as account visibility, optimisation and conversions to see how your social media is adding and amplifying the brand message.

• Assess if and how your social media presence is increasing brand visibility and SEO.

• Finally we'll give you a full report, highlighting any issues and give you recommendations as to where things can be improved.


Allow from £140+VAT