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Social Media Audits

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Facebook Business Page

Are you making the most of your page? Is your content working for your business? Our Facebook Business Page Audit will give you an overview of where you are at right now and provide you with expert, personalised advice on what you can do to really make your page work for your business. 

Facebook Group

Is your Facebook group a thriving community or is it a virtual tumbleweed wasteland? Whether you are just looking at tips at honing your group for more engagement or needing a complete overhaul, our Facebook Group Audit will provide you with expert, personalised advice. 

Instagram Business Profile

Instagram is a very rewarding platform but it can be hard to get build followers or, if you have followers, to get good engagement or drive click throughs. Our Instagram Profile Audit will give you insights into how your brand is doing right now, and expert advice for how you can make it work for your brand.


Twitter is a rewarding but furiously quick network. It can be especially difficult for brands to negotiate. Whether you are looking to drive social sales or build relationships, engagement or visibility, our Audit will assess your Twitter account and give you expert advice to improve matters on every level.

LinkedIn Business Page

The cornerstone of a brand's social presence, the LinkedIn Business Page is often very unloved and under developed. Whether yours needs a complete overhaul or just some guidance, our Audit will provide you with professional advice to help re-establish your brand's social presence.

LinkedIn Profile

How good is your LinkedIn profile? Is it showing in the top 10 of searches for your keywords or industry? Does it show up on Google? Does it support your brand or business? Our LinkedIn Profile Audit will give you expert and professional tips for how you can make it more SEO-friendly, visible and approachable.


Are you seeing good engagement on your Pinterest boards? Are they clicking through and converting with good ROI? If not, then our Pinterest Audit can assess your account and tell you how SEO-friendly your pins and boards are and how to get better visibility and click throughs.

Five All In

Comprehensive audit of five social media profiles - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We will look at the social data to give you insights and solutions. This will include your audiences, the reach of your posts, your current engagement levels, and the communities and influencers in your niche.

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