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About Us

We founded as a social media marketing agency in April 2009. It was a 'back of beer mat' kind of idea that proved to be the right people in the right place at the right time, and was immediately successful.

We are probably unique in so far as we actually met on social media. Claire (marketing and publishing) and Helen (PR and content) met in the late 1990s on Ecademy, the business networking site that was the precursor of LinkedIn. The third founder was Sally (website designer), and she and Claire fell over each other on Twitter within the first few weeks of it opening its doors in the UK in 2008.

All three worked in different parts of the media industry and were also of an entrepreneurial mindset, and loved helping people. One day in early 2009 we were chatting on Skype about how we had had enough of watching businesses being fleeced on Twitter for this new 'thing' called social media marketing.

We knew we could do it infinitely better and had all the skills required. So on the spur of the moment we decided to do it. Sorted website, services, the whole caboodle and launched and landed our first client within six weeks. Guess you could say it proved to be a winning combination as we're still going strong a decade later, although nowadays there's more of us now and we have added SEO to social media, content marketing, websites, PR and digital marketing, as we have found that integrating all of that together with social media marketing is the best way to help our clients win more business.

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