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Social Purpose

As a business we have always had social purpose. We were set up as a virtual business by design, with an international team and a clubhouse that we used as a gathering point for the team until the pandemic hit. Our founders were three professional mums working around their kids, and the raison d’etre for even starting the business in 2009 was ethical because we disapproved of the snake oil salesmen swarming social media offering the world to businesses but not delivering the goods.

Since then we have spent a decade specialising in helping businesses get social traction by organic methods. Partly this was because advertising with the big tech companies (Facebook, Amazon) mostly funded hate and inequality of wealth (as MD Claire outlines in detail in her book, Social Goodness), but also because it guarantees getting increased visibility for clients as it gives their customers what they need and want, and so it gets them to the top of Google without using nefarious SEO.

On social media the algorithms have learnt when people ignore a business, and stop showing that account’s updates, and we found that the only way to turn that around is to produce content that people actually want to read or see and position it properly via social traction and for brands to become truly loved. So that’s what we committed to doing – and it works.

The upsides of this have become ever clearer over the last few years as the advertising industry has become increasingly ineffective and unreliable. Then there are the changes to the app permissions Apple has ushered in i.e. people now have to choose to opt in to receive advertising, which has knocked the advertising model of many apps, especially Facebook, and the forthcoming changes to Google cookies on Chrome, which means the loss of third party data advertising, as covered by Claire in a recent article for Philip Kotler’s Marketing Journal website.

In addition, we have switched to using sustainable and ethical IT providers, choose to use sustainable suppliers for giveaways etc, and are striving to become completely carbon neutral. Our MD Claire is working with the Wicked 7 project as an advisor on a volunteer basis, we donate to our chosen charities monthly, and use our fellow small and ethical businesses as often as possible (if you aren’t on our preferred supplier list, contact us and let us know why you should be).

We are now actively looking for new clients who want to pivot their marketing, comms and SEO to a more sustainable model. Ones who want to invest in true visibility that lasts and increases sales and fan base because it is based on good business and giving people what they want and need.

If that’s you, get in touch!