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A Guide to the Changing Face of Influencer Marketing

How to Do Influencer Marketing RIGHT

Our PR guru Helen Moore has pulled together her infinite wisdom on Influencer Marketing in this bang-up-to-date essential guide.

Find out what you need to know BEFORE you engage an influencer for your brand.

What it covers

  • Instagram is no longer the Holy Grail of Influencer Marketing as it starts to push brands to advertise to get the engagement they want
  • Are your influencers’ followers genuine? A shocking 78% of influencers’ followers can be fake.
  • Is your investment safe? Influencers who do not abide by the terms and conditions and the law are getting banned.
  • How to identify QUALITY influencers that inspire action and create impact, not those who play a numbers game for ‘reach’.
  • Identify those influencers who are a creative resource rather than just a ‘name’ with a high number of followers (who may or may not engage).
  • Use the right platforms. Social media is always changing and it’s not all about YouTube and Instagram. It’s also not all about Europe and America….
  • What content? Music and audio are on the up and AR is incoming.

    And so much more…! Download it now and make sure you are in the know about The Changing Face of Influencer Marketing.

Download the Guide!