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As a brand that has always prioritised content, it made sense in 2020 for us to launch our own publishing imprint.

Known as TMMC, in a play on our brand ‘nickname’, we will specialise in non-fiction, primarily trendspotting, marketing, social media, PR, and business books. 

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Social Goodness

The New Way to do Business

Every business and every inch of its supply chain is now in a glass house, visible to the world. Corporate spin can no longer obscure the decisions made in your boardroom. In Social Goodness, Claire Burdett shows why your actions speak louder than words, and how to thrive by doing so.

Douglas Burdett, Principal and Founder of Artillery. Host of The Marketing Book Podcast

Social Goodness by our MD Claire Burdett is available on Amazon and you can also get a signed copy (with complimentary eBook and branded sustainably sourced gifts) at the Social Goodness website.

Social Goodness is a trendspotting bible for businesses that forensically dissects the trend of people’s greater expectations, of expecting brands to behave well, to encapsulate human marketing, for example, and adhere to ESG (Environmental, social and governance) standards. It looks at how brands can – and will only – thrive by embedding social goodness in to their DNA as people demand brands do good and give back to society rather than always take-take-take.

It looks at why people are quick to attack and boycott brands they see lying and bandwaggoning off that trend, something that has resulted in large numbers of businesses being called out for ‘woke washing’ and attacked on social media. Many case studies, both good and bad, are covered in the book, examining the reasons, results and consequences of decisions made.

Social Goodness looks at how social media has changed business irrevocably, leading to every step and process being on view 24/7 and destroying the ‘captive audience’ relationship many companies are assuming (and acting as if it) still exists.

An inspiring read for business leaders and marketing professionals. Filled with ideas, tips, case studies. Strategic advice in an easy to read, easy to implement format. Highly recommended!

Kirsty Leighton, Founder & Managing Partner at Milk & Honey PR.
Fellow of PRCA. Forbes Contributor and Council Member

Social Goodness also looks at the relationship between data, privacy and the algorithms that have been developed for social media advertising and how the way social media platforms are set up and run has had the unforeseen consequence of facilitating the undermining of democracy. It examines how this is ultimately the responsibility of brands’ – your brand if you do any paid digital advertising whatsoever – and gives practical insights into what business leaders need to do now to ensure their brands survive and thrive, as well as stop fuelling hate and insurrection with their advertising spend and ultimately help save the world.

Claire Burdett explains why social goodness is now a critical part of your company’s strategy for the future. Is your company helping or hurting the future – for its employees, its customers, society, and the planet? Not sure? It’s time we learn about why some companies succeed by spreading goodness, while others simply can’t.

Christian Sarkar, Co-author with Philip Kotler of Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action, and co-founder of Wicked7

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This is Claire Burdett’s tenth book. Most of the others will be republished under our imprint this spring. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.