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Training Courses

Our workshops help you expand your marketing knowledge, and enable you to promote and market your products, services and business more effectively using SEO, content and social media.

All workshops are hands on and practical, and usually places are strictly limited to make sure each attendee gets the 1:2:1 attention they require, so if we have one coming up that you fancy don't hesitate to book your place, we'd hate you to be disappointed!


2017 Training Workshops

Our workshops this spring are all designed to help you kick your social media marketing up to the next level.

We want to help you do what you do, but better, so there's more love, more engagement, and more ROI.

Ninja outfits optional.

8 Jun 2017 - Twitter Power User Workshop

Always the most vibrant and egalitarian of the networks (where else can you rock up to a world leader or celebrity and start a conversation?), it remains one of the best for business AND for increasing traffic to your website.
Don't believe us?  That's because you aren't using it properly - and precisely why you need to come on our Masterclass!
We will show you how to find and engage with your perfect audience, build a social sales funnel, and how to use it to help give your SEO a proper kick up the pants.
Inglewood Hall, Kintbury, West Berkshire
09:30 - 16.30
Lunch and refreshments included

22nd June 2017 - Instagram Masterclass

With a slew of new features and lots of changes that benefit brands, it is clear Instagram is on the rise. Our experience tells us that this means it will quickly become very crowded and it will be increasingly difficult to be found and heard. So if you've been happily Instagramming along, but often thinking you'd like to ramp it up, that it would be good to have more followers, or wondering how to drive more sales from Instagram, well, NOW is absolutely the right time to get going on that.

You're welcome.

Inglewood Hall, Kintbury, West Berkshire
09:30 - 16.30
Lunch and refreshments included

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29th June 2017 -SEO Masterclass: Hitting Google's Sweet Spot

Want to get to the top of Google?

Most businesses do, and it's something we get asked all the time. Luckily for our clients we have a good track record in getting them to the top of Google (please check out our case studies). Yet most companies find it difficult to achieve and this is a problem. Why? Because most sales start with Search, and 91% of people don't go beyond the first page.


Not only that, but over half of people don't look beyond the first three entries on the first page.

So you can see why it's essential for your business to not just be on the front page of Google, but to be at the top. That's why it's essential to get it sorted.

Buzz Magazine
11 Queen Eleanor House, Kingsclere Park, Kingsclere, Hampshire RG20 4SW
09:30 - 16.30

I did the SEO training class. Lots of new information to process! I’m sure having such in-depth SEO know-how will help us with the relaunch of our company website and future projects.

Caroline Turner, copywriter /
Executive Serviced Apartments Ltd.

I can absolutely recommend Claire - I did the LinkedIn workshop and learned ALOT, even though I'd been using it for years!

Nicki Lee, Dip. ITEC, IISST, massage therapist and trainer /
Elyssium Massage Therapy.

Claire Burdett has been working on the cutting edge of Social Media for many many years, and can train us in a language we can understand!

Debbie Miles, Professional Trainer and Coach /
Athena Network, West Berks.

Course Director

Our training is delivered by our MD, Claire Burdett. Claire was an early initiator in digital media, and has worked at the cutting edge of social media, publishing and multimedia, web 2.0 and marketing for over 15 years. She is an award-winning editor, copywriter and marketing manager, and has over 15 years experience in digital and content marketing, SEO and social media, social business and crisis comms.

She continues to be a trendsetter, someone who sees the big picture while understanding how it all fits together at a micro level. She is currently working with many international clients on their social business as well as their social media marketing and SEO. Her shrewd and integrated approach has helped many of our clients get to the top of Google.

Claire is also a qualified business coach and has been coaching and teaching courses to individuals and businesses for over 20 years.

Claire's LinkedIn profile can be found here:

Claire Burdett